CAD Designing

Let Your Creativity Shine with Our CAD

Whether you want a simple design or are in search of an intricate design, the Humriz team will work tirelessly to convert your imagined idea into a realistic image through CAD designing.

Sketch to
Jewellery CAD

Expert designers at Humriz will transform your jewellery ideas or sketches into a workable concept using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) techniques to enable designing jewellery to meet your expectations. Supported by advanced technology, our CAD design experts will provide a photo-realistic rendered picture of the computer-generated jewellery design for approval. We understand getting it right takes time, and with the aid of technology are willing and able to make changes to suit every little detail, before finalising the CAD design for a 3D print.

Our team is dedicated and offers fast turnaround times, thereby ensuring that jewellers can meet the deadlines of their clients or have a piece of jewellery ready for sale during the festive seasons.