About Us

Humriz (Pvt) Ltd is distinguished as the first company in Sri Lanka to set up and provide jewellery casting services using the latest technology to benefit and sustain the growth of small and emerging Sri Lankan jewellers.

Fulfilling Every Jeweller’s Casting Needs

Humriz (Pvt) Ltd has been providing products and services to Sri Lanka’s jewellery industry for over 23 years. We started operations to supply high-tech jewellery-making machinery, equipment, and tools to local jewellers. However, having identified a niche market in the jewellery industry, we soon established jewellery casting services for all jewellers.

Today, Humriz (Pvt) Ltd is renowned for offering a diversified range of products and services across the jewellery manufacturing value chain.

Humriz (Pvt) Ltd is an affiliated company of Colombo Machinery & Equipment Limited (CMEL) which was established in 1972 to supply machinery, industrial raw materials, and chemicals to several key industries in Sri Lanka. Humriz (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated in 2004 to have a focused team making worthwhile inroads into the Sri Lankan jewellery industry.

Humriz has established partnerships with leading international brands to bring to Sri Lankan jewellers a range of hi-tech products and consumables that combines innovation and advanced technology to transform the essence of jewellery-making into a scientific art form of precision and perfection.